The Scuderie San Carlo Restaurant, located inside a late 19th century agricultural village, offers traditional cuisine mixed with an innovative modernity, processed according to the proper techniques.

The kitchen is directed by executive Chef, a highly prestigious and experienced chef who now prepares for you his tasty and elegant dishes.

The Scuderie San Carlo provide you with a large and convenient private parking lot, well-kept gardens, large halls, intimate private corners and a classic decor which combines wonderfully with a contemporary zest.

It is possible to organize lunches or dinners on a fixed menu, theme evenings with a culinary, musical and artistic background.

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Plateau Royal (suggested for two people) oysters, prawns, sea cobs, scampi, prawns, tartare €90,00

Plateau Imperial (suggested for two people) – there layers display: oysters, prawns, sea cobs, scampi, prawns, tartare with “Giaveri” caviar tasting Siberian Classic (Siberian Caviar) 10 gr and Golden Sterlet (Albino Sturgeon Caviar) 10 gr €190,00

Oysters and Shellfish

Oyster €5,00 each

Red prawn €6,00 each

Sea cob €3,00 each

Scampi €6,00 each

Humpback prawn €3,50 each

Camarote prawn €4,00 each

“Giavieri” Caviar

Siberian caviar tasting “Siberian Classic” 10 gr €39.00

Tasting of albino sturgeon caviar “Golden Starlet” 10 gr €45,00

Siberian caviar tasting 10 gr + Albino sturgeon caviar tasting 10 gr €75,00


A tutto gambero! Shrimp tartare, black sesame puff pastry, yuzu explosion, mayonnaise, and reduced bisque. €25.00

Cod in smoked beer batter, raspberry vinegar mayonnaise, chimichurri sauce €18,00

 Crispy octopus, Roman panzanella, yellow datterini water, puffed red oninon €20,00

 Scorched cuttlefish, curry sauce, coconut milk, puffed red quinoa. €18.00

 Marinated anchovies in raspberry vinegar accompanied by raised fried pizza, tomato mayonnaise, and basil. €16.00

 Roman-style cooked artichoke stuffed with buffalo ricotta, Taggiasca olives, red cherry tomatoes, its broth. €16.00

 Egg cooked at 62°C, sautéed mushrooms, pecorino cream. €16.00

First Courses

Shellfish ravioloni, shrimp bisque, basil oil snow. €20.00

 Squared spaghetti with clams, yellow and red cherry tomatoes. €20.00

 Tonnarello with seafood carbonara. €20.00

 Conchiglioni in the depths of the sea (red mullet, scorpionfish, and dentex ragout), fish broth €20.00

Black and white tagliolini, lobster, asparagus, fresh cherry tomatoes. €35.00

 Smoked butter fettuccine, marinated langoustines, “Giaveri” Siberian black caviar. €25.00

 ”Cacio e pepe “sbagliata”: Pacchero cacio, confit pears, smoked pepper €16.00

Main Courses

Orata come un saltimbocca: Sea bream fillet, sage, Patanegra lard, potato millefeuille and smoked foam €25,00

 Grilled fish accompanied by chicory sautéed with black garlic and basil oil. €30.00

 Fried calamari, shrimp, and sweet potatoes, lime and ginger mayonnaise. €20.00

 Seared tuna steak, pak choi, yakitori sauce. €25.00

 Grilled scallops, chickpea hummus, chive herb pil pil, bread crostini. €22.00 

Seasonal vegetable millefeuille, yellow datterino coulis, stracciatella cream €18.00

Final Delicacies

Berry cheesecake €10.00

 Egg tiramisu with a soft heart of coffee, Marsala and gold €10.00

Mouritozzo: the classic Roman Maritozzo, toffee sauce, smoked “Maldon” salt €10.00

Solo mela: green apple semifreddo, golden shortcrust pastry, apple mousse cooked in wine €10.00

Sgroppino with green apple sorbet and Calvados €8.00

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We are waiting for you at the restaurant in Via Portuense

Located on via Portuense just off the GRA – Grande Raccordo Anulare, the Scuderie San Carlo Restaurant can be reached from the center of Rome by following via Portuense, and is easily reached also from the surrounding areas.

The via Portuense was built by the Romans in the first century AD to connect Rome to the harbor at the mouth of the river Tiber and then to Fiumicino; the restaurant is also easy to reach from the “Leonardo da Vinci” international airport in Fiumicino.