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Fausto and Paolo Soffiantini
Fausto Soffiantini e Paolo Soffiantini
Our passion for good taste in the art of hospitality and that particular attention we devote to high quality food have contributed to assert our professionalism in the field of event organization.

The end of the 80s marks the beginning of our interesting journey in Italy and France attending numerous workshops. At the beginning of the 90s we embraced a new, big challenge with Grand Mariage, a company specializing in the organization of banquets and receptions. Those were years of intense work in prestigious Italian locations, where we successfully saw to a number of important and titled receptions.

Famous people, from the political and the entertainment world alike, have entrusted us with “their most important day of celebration”. Very satisfying and different experiences, indeed.

We had the honor to organize a luncheon for two in a sumptuous historical residence in the Loire area, as well as a gala dinner for fifteen hundred members of the Guardia di Finanza in L’Aquila – years of excellent feedback in which the “Grand Mariage” brand was synonymous with taste, passion and quality assurance.

By 2004 we had gained so much and great experience that we wanted to embark on a new adventure. We find an old farmhouse on Via Portuense, and after only two years of renovation it becomes one of the most sought-after locations in Rome in the receptions sector .

Today, proud and satisfied with the work done and the goals achieved, we proudly present our most loyal customers, and future ones as well, with our even brighter and welcoming Scuderie San Carlo, the result of a very careful restyling.

… a story always moving and constantly evolving …

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